Company Profile

It was founded just recently May 16, 2017 but the idea was conceive a few years ago supported and mentored by a Korean friend who is very generous and humble and very passionate to help the Filipino people in his own way of expressing his compassion. 

The product is genuinely come from Korea with the help of his fellow Koreans. Undeniably, Korean products made his mark in the market in anything about fashion and known in its cosmetic products and will continue to flourished because of his dream to help the people find comforts by his will to help every individual becomes self sufficient by helping them putting up and manage their own business. And by addressing the problems to lessen or eliminate the unemployment in our country.



  • To help individual build their own business through selling on a friendly price.​

  • To teach them how to start their own business even without a big capital.

  • To help everyone see for themselves their potentials as an entrepreneur.

  • To help every individual realized that in selling the products needs passion, flexibility and heart in business.


To build a good relation among Filipinos and with neighboring country through our products on a friendly price that help everyone to look beautiful and to enhance and uplift the life of the people through helping them start their own business and make the world a better place to live on.